Executive Team

President: Henry Jin

Henry Jin is a Grade 12 student and a principal founder of Hygiene for the Homeless Canada. Henry continuously strives to help the impoverished by founding Hygiene for the Homeless Canada with his equally motivated friends. As president, Henry enthusiastically takes up the challenge of improving the lives of the less fortunate and fulfills his duty in overseeing all aspects of the organization.


Henry sincerely hopes that compassionate young people could contribute by doing what they can to help those in need. By organizing and providing volunteer opportunities, Henry seeks to empower youths to advance not only their own communities, but the whole world, to a brighter future.

Vice-President: Michael Chen​

Michael Chen is a Grade 12 student. As a founder of Hygiene for the Homeless Canada, he is extremely passionate about the issue of homeless that is present in society. He feels there is a need for Hygiene for the Homeless Canada to not only alleviate the stigma surrounding the issue but to also dent the universe and actively help those who are in need. At the end of the day, emphasizing the idea of cooperation, Michael knows that the more we do to raise money and deliver hygiene kits, the more we are able to spread hope in our communities.


As the Vice President, he looks forward to using his experiences coordinating fundraising and delivery events to expand the organization and to make a bigger impact on communities around the world.

Director of Recruitment: Kelsi Lee

Kelsi Lee is a grade 12 student. Kelsi had been involved with a lot of charity organizations before deciding that Hygiene for the Homeless Canada is committed to serving the population that she is most interested in helping. As a previous ambassador of Hygiene for the Homeless Canada at her school, she worked passionately and managed to introduce the organization to many others at Crofton. 


As the director of Recruitment, Kelsi continues her work as an avid advocator of the organization. She hopes to initiate more branches of Hygiene for the Homeless Canada in local schools and increase the number of youths involved with the good work supported by the organization.

Director of Outreach: Leon Chen

Leon Chen is always very active in making contributions to his local community, having volunteered at multiple non-for-profit organizations. As he has witnessed the poor living conditions and is aware of the urgency of combating homelessness in the less fortunate communities in Vancouver, he feels extremely inspired and motivated to bring a change. He believes that his mission can be achieved through providing hygiene kits, other basic resources, and more importantly spiritual support to these underprivileged individuals.


Leon is inclined to have our organization’s voice heard, therefore raising awareness to bring a halt to the vicious cycle of homelessness. As an executive, he will also take responsibilities in leading delivery events and fundraisers, spending time and effort to construct a path full of hope for the homeless. 

Director of Volunteer Coordinating: William Tiwana

William Tiwana has been a long time member of Hygiene for the Homeless Canada. Having participated in various events hosted by the organization, William aspires to become not only a loyal member, but also a central figure in organizing the various volunteer opportunities.


As the director of volunteer coordinating, William is responsible for planning and receiving young volunteers both prior and on the day of the event. William hopes that through his effots, more youths would emerge as tomorrow's passionate young leaders.

Director of IT: Jack Wan

Jack Wan is a grade 12 student. After a spending a week in the unforgiving wilderness of Mount Garibaldi, Jack realized that establishing proper hygiene is a privilege. Simple acts of hygiene like brushing teeth, washing hair, and having a change of clothes build self-confidence and allow for better health.


After experiencing the utter despair of not being able to be hygienic for a week, Jack was compelled to help the less fortunate people who experience this issue all year round. As part of Hygiene for the Homeless Canada, Jack wants to provide a memorable and didactic experience for the homeless as well as the volunteers; moreover, he wants to raise awareness of the issue through the use of technology and media.


Assistant Director of Outreach: Parker Ford

Parker Ford, after doing multiple volunteer works in his community, decided that homelessness is an issue most prevalent in our society. Therefore, he is motivated and proud to be part of Hygiene for the Homeless Canada.


As a longtime dedicated member of the organization, he serves as the assistant director of outreach this year. He is excited to begin coordinating fundraisers, contacting sponsors, and communicating with partner agencies. Furthermore, Parker will do his best to motivate his peers in participating in volunteer works, just as he has done.

Director of Finance: Kevin Li

Kevin Li is a grade 11 student. He is a sympathetic youth who has always desired to help out the less fortunate members of the society. He joined Hygiene for the Homeless Canada to realize his dreams of serving the community.


As the director of finance, Keven strives to keep a comprehensive record of all donations and monetary transactions of the organization.

Director of Advertisement: Aaron Han

Aaron Han is a relatively new member of the Hygiene for the Homeless Canada executive team. He has proved his ability in various previous events leading by example.


As the Director of Advertisement this year, Aaron seeks to spread awareness of the homeless hygiene issue in his community. Aaron is excited to be entrusted with the new position and will do his best to fulfill his role as a student leader in the organization.

Assistant Director of Advertisement: Jeremy Hui

Jeremy Hui is an energetic young man who is convinced that the homeless hygiene issue is an ongoing crisis in the world. Therefore, he joined Hygiene for the Homeless Canada to help the people who are in a less privileged position in the society.


As the assistant director of advertisement, Jeremy plans to support Aaron in designing posters and initiating publicity campaigns for the organization.